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Attics and Crawlspaces Services in Charlotte, NC

When people are looking to develop a comprehensive heating and cooling plan for their home, it is important to go beyond just choosing the right air conditioner or heater. Installing a new heating or cooling unit or replacing an existing one will improve indoor conditions, but the units will work harder and your electricity costs will be higher if the temperature-controlled air can escape your home. This will also occur if your home has no effective way to keep the outside heat or cold from entering your home during the summer or winter, respectively.

You can solve this problem when you insulate your home properly. Attic insulation, in particular, provides lasting benefits to homeowners.

About Attic Insulation

Attics are one of the primary sources of heat intrusion during the summer and the loss of heat during the winter. Unless you take steps to prevent this, your air conditioner will work longer and harder in the summer to keep things cool, and your heater or furnace will do the same in the winter to keep things warm. Because the attic is located just under the roof, which receives the most sunlight of any part of your home in the summer, the attic gets hot quickly, and temperatures can reach upwards of 100 degrees or more. Warm air rises, so in the winter, the heat from your furnace or heater can rise into the attic and then escape.

Think of it this way: Your attic can be a giant oven that heats your home in the summer and a giant vacuum that sucks heat out of your home in the winter if you have not taken the proper precautions. Installing attic insulation creates a barrier between your attic and your home that keeps more hot air out of your house during the summer and more hot air in your house during the winter.

Spray Foam Insulation

Because of the heat intrusion and loss that occurs in an improperly insulated attic, homeowners who do not rectify the problem pay far more for energy than they need to. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that homeowners can save up to 20 percent on their heating and cooling bills and 10 percent on their overall energy costs simply by adding insulation to their attic.

Spray foam insulation is one of the primary ways that people insulate their homes. Unlike traditional fiberglass insulation sheets, spray foam is a substance that is literally sprayed into the attic and other crevices and crawlspaces in your home. It expands rapidly to form the barrier that prevents energy loss.

Why Sealed Crawlspaces Matter

There are more benefits than cost savings when you spray foam crawlspaces and the attic in your home. Other reasons to seal the crawlspaces and your attic include:

  • Ease of installation — workers don’t have to crawl about your attic or crawlspace; they just insert the sprayer, spray and are done.
  • Quiet — foam insulation helps keep out noise from pipes and vents for example, in the attic and crawlspaces from disturbing you in your home.
  • Longer unit life — your air conditioner and heater or furnace have run less frequently because insulation keeps the temperature more consistent, and this means your unit lasts longer before wearing out and needing replacement.

Ross & Witmer Sprayfoam Attic Service

We spray foam attics in both new homes and in older homes, and we have the experience necessary to do the job quickly, correctly and affordably. We will give you a free no-obligation quote on all our insulation services, and we can even help you improve the air quality in your home. Contact us today for more information on our spray foam attic service.