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Home Performance Services in Charlotte, NC

As much as half of the energy used in your home goes towards heating and air conditioning. Making smart decisions about the type of system and proper installation can save you substantial amounts on your utility bill. Ross & Witmer is an experienced and knowledgeable HVAC contractor offering complete solutions for all of your home or business’ heating and air conditioning service needs. No matter how mild or severe the local weather conditions may be, you depend on your furnace and air conditioner to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. We design comprehensive strategies to ensure that your equipment will operate reliably and efficiently over an extended lifecycle.


Assessment and Testing

We offer a wide array of scientific and technical assessment and testing services that help you discover why your home performs the way it does and improve its overall performance in every season.Learn More »

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is a growing problem, but how do you know if it is a problem in your home? Call Ross & Witmer to schedule an indoor air quality test on your home.Learn More »

Air Sealing and Insulation

Whether your home is new or old, chances are it was not constructed tightly enough to promote maximum comfort, health and energy efficiency.Learn More »

Attics and Crawlspaces

When people are looking to develop a comprehensive heating and cooling plan for their home, it is important to go beyond just choosing the right air conditioner or heater. Installing a new heating or cooling unit or replacing an existing one will improve indoor conditions, but the units will work harder and your electricity costs will be higher if the temperature-controlled air can escape your home.Learn More »


Homes that are not properly sealed often develop secondary problems that affect indoor air quality and can make a home unhealthy. Chronic dust, mold, mildew, odors, and allergens are just a few of the items that accumulate in these spaces then circulate in the home posing health concerns.Learn More »

Full Service Contractor

Ross & Witmer is a licensed and bonded HVAC contractor providing complete heating and AC repair, installation and maintenance services for customers in Mecklenburg, Gaston and Union counties.