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Whole Home Health Assessment Services in Charlotte, NC

We offer a wide variety of services that will maximize energy efficiency and help ensure your family’s health in your home. Saving money by adding insulation, sealing your basement, and adding a smart thermostat are just a few of the suggestions we can offer. Take a look at the service overview below and then give us a call to learn more about how you can benefit from our Whole Home Health Assessment services.

Our complimentary Home Health Assessment Includes:

  • A homeowner consultation to address any known concerns and identify any hidden issues.
  • A full attic inspection to check insulation values, HVAC system, ductwork, and IAQ issues
  • A full crawlspace and basement inspection to check for moisture issues, insulation values, and IAQ issues
  • A full exterior inspection to check for proper ventilation, drainage, and moisture issues
  • A visual inspection of all gas appliances to identify possible combustion problems or damage that could lead to carbon monoxide leaks.
  • A written report and scorecard that rates the health of your home.

We offer additional scientific and technical testing solutions that help you evaluate and improve home performance for greater comfort, health, and energy efficiency. Evaluations include:

  • The Blower Door Test – which identifies air leaks
  • Am Infrared Scan – to find insulation gaps and hidden air leaks
  • Appliance Efficiency Tests and Combustion Analysis
  • Air Duct Leakage Tests – to determine if the duct system is properly sealed