Electrical Service and Repair Charlotte, NC

Your home or business’s electrical system provides the power that you need to run HVAC devices and complete a wide variety of tasks. Keeping your electrical system in tip-top shape is one of the best ways to ensure that you’ll be comfortable in your home or office no matter the conditions outdoors.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Services

Like most home and business owners, you are likely able to complete some basic building maintenance tasks on your own. However, you shouldn’t handle installation, repair or inspection of electrical components throughout your home or office. Due to the delicate nature of these systems, it’s absolutely essential that you work with a professionally trained electrician to provide safe and effective electrical services.

Remember that regular inspection of your building’s electrical system helps to ensure that you won’t experience any unexpected blackouts, electrical fires or other wiring problems.

Residential and Commercial Electrical Repair

The electrical system in your home or business most likely is very complex. Depending on the system’s age, you might not even be able to reach some key components on your own. Instead of struggling to make repairs and risking injury to yourself, rely on professional Charlotte electricians who have special training in completing electrical work. This is the best way to protect your building and stay safe.

When completing repairs, your electrician can make recommendations for system improvements that will boost overall performance in your home or business. In some situations, you may even qualify for tax credits when you have new electrical devices installed.

Working with A Trusted Electrician

A reliable, well-designed electrical system is at the heart of your home or business. At Ross & Witmer, we’re proud to provide a wide range of electrical repair and maintenance services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Charlotte area.