Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Charlotte, NC

As the federal government mandates greater energy efficiency standards for modern homes and offices, state and local building code requirements have led to increasingly strict guidelines for air infiltration and perimeter tightness. While these changes in construction practices have significantly reduced energy consumption, the unintended consequence has been a considerable deterioration of the indoor air quality inside a typical commercial or residential building.

The Hazard of Unhealthy Indoor Air

Contaminants inside a sealed environment will continue to accumulate without a controlled air exchange pathway. Most basic filters cannot capture the quantity of animal dander, human hair, dirt, pollen and other debris that is generated indoors on a daily basis. If left unaddressed, the components inside a central heating and air conditioning system can become coated with a thick layer of filth and grime. Inside the moist environment of the HVAC evaporator coil, mold spores and fungi use the available nutrients to grow and multiply. The action of the blower can distribute the organisms into every room in the building.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air pollution is a growing problem, but how do you know if it is a problem in your home? Call Ross & Witmer to schedule an indoor air quality test on your home. Our technicians are trained in both scientific and technical testing solutions to help you evaluate and improve your home’s performance and comfort level. After indoor air quality testing, your Ross & Witmer HVAC contractor will then suggest fresh air systems that will ensure that only healthy air circulates within your home.